Prices for 

Afternoon Drinks Reception (from 3/3.30pm - 5/5.30pm)

- Three musciains, all-singing, all ukulele-playing, all dancing (...well, maybe we won't dance)

- Set-up of suitably-sized PA and equipment in your venue

- 2 hour show:

Rate € 775* 

*Based on distances no greater than 80k from Dublin.

*This rate may not apply during the Xmas period, Bank Holiday Weekends (for example, St. Patrick's Weekend)


Civil Ceremony, Evening Perfomance (7pm onwards) or Next Day Celebrations

- Set-up of suitably-sized PA and equipment at the ceremony venue

- Three musicians

Ask us about rates for civil ceremony. We'd be happy to chat to you more!


For details, contact Joanna : or phone 087 2310001​​​​​​