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Prices for 

Afternoon Drinks Reception (from 3/3.30pm - 5/5.30pm)

- Three musciains, all-singing, all ukulele-playing, all dancing (...well, maybe we won't dance)

- Set-up of suitably-sized PA and equipment in your venue

- 2 hour show:

Ask us about rates right away. Just let us know your venue/date and we'll send you a quote immediately. 

WhatsApp or call:  085 8764561


Civil Ceremony, Evening Perfomance (7pm onwards) or Next Day Celebrations

- Set-up of suitably-sized PA and equipment at the ceremony venue

- Three musicians

Ask us about rates for civil ceremony. We'd be happy to chat to you more!


For details, contact Niamh : or phone 085 8764561

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