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Meet Niamh

Ireland’s wedding entertainment connoisseur, Niamh Brennan, may have over a decade of experience behind her, but you’d never know it from her youthful buzz!

When she got her B.Sc. in Management from Trinity College, she never imagined it would lead to a career as a wedding entertainment coordinator. What she did know, was that she was mad about weddings. Even to this day, years after tying the knot herself, Niamh still reads wedding magazines cover-to-cover, curling up with a glass of vino, enjoying any wedding-related telly – a guilty pleasure.

You’ll hear her proclaim ‘music is what brings everything to life’! Her first instinct in the morning is to hit play on the radio. Hopping into her car, on go the playlists. She arrives at the office and Spotify is her first port of call. Music has always been a big part of Niamh’s life, not to mention that her husband is a professional composer and recording artist.

So as a budding business developer, with a love of music, weddings and a gift for organisation and creative direction, Niamh carved her own niche and began working full-time as a manager and booking coordinator for musicians and bands in 2002. She hasn’t looked back since!

Two of the bands she represents have won Ireland’s national title of ‘Wedding Band of the Year’. Yet she’ll still say it’s the positive feedback and words of thanks from clients that put the biggest smile on her face. “Weddings are the most personal events. It’s a pleasure getting to know my clients and understanding their theme, venue and budget so I can suggest the perfect music and entertainment options. It’s a buzz helping it all come together!”


Professional Promise

Niamh has gained a few gems of insight into a successful business model along the way. “I don’t believe soon-to-be newlyweds should have to compromise when it comes to such an important day.”

–Personal Standards–

“My policy has always been the same – If I don’t feel I’d book a particular band for my own event, or that of family or friends, then I won’t represent them. Simple as that.” And it’s true: Niamh provided all of the entertainment and music acts for the wedding days of her family members.


“I’m completely transparent and open with my clients. Saying ‘yes yes yes’ in order to secure a booking is not my way of doing business. I’ve learnt that couples appreciate my honesty, and often thank me for being open with them.”


Niamh employs a rigorous booking procedure; every logistical detail is tracked and recorded. “I always insist on a paper trail. There’s no room for mistakes in this business. My clients can know they’re in safe hands. Both myself and the musicians I represent leave nothing up to chance.”


Niamh has watched her bands play live on countless occasions – as mentioned, even at her own family functions. “I know that my bands will go the extra mile for our clients and their guests and that they’ll deliver an amazing performance every time.” Niamh is in regular contact with her clients and says “I pride myself on being that dependable point of contact, always available to the couples who are relying on me.”

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