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Wedding Favours

The Kooky Ukes would like to offer something for your guests to take away as a "Wedding Favour" to remember your big day. We've featured five of our most popular and contemporary tracks on the CD(Not for general release)- "I'm Yours", "Blurred Lines", "Budapest", "Hey Ya", and "Galileo". It's thee perfect little thing to give your guests as a token to remember your day,  maybe in goody-bag style, or one on every seat, you know the jazz. 


Wedding Invites/Thank-Yous

It's also become a big thing to keep your invites and thank-yous before and after the celebrations as unique as possible and thus, we've had many requests from couples for CD accompaniments to each. This is also yet another way to keep the "personal" and "bespoke" edge to your reception.  


We take care of the production plenty of time prior to the date, so leave it with us.


To discuss favour options, and get more details, just get in touch at our usual port-of-call: or pop us a mail on 

Guess what?

The Kooky Ukes now have their own EP! #weddingfavours


That's right. Due to popular demand, The Ukes have branched into recording and releasing their own CD.


There is one big reason why you might want to purchase the "It's The Kooky Ukes EP". Two words...


Wedding favours.













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