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Afternoon Drinks Reception Option

The Breakdown

Everything you need to know about having The Kooky Ukes at 
your drinks reception. 
  • Setlist - We play the liveliest collection of classics and chart hits in ways never imagined - appealing to everybody 
  • We perform for 2 hours and take 30 minutes to set-up
Can we talk about the moolah? What about our ceremony? 

Hold yer horses. 
Money: Talk to our wonderful team for more information on rates. They're 100% transparent, zero hidden fees. Or check out here for some quick details. 
Ceremony: Want some ceremony music for the Ukes too? Your wish is our command.  Follow me
Why choose The Kooky Ukes for your drinks reception?

You want something original, happy and special to kick-start your wedding drinks reception, welcoming guests with a lively, upbeat atmosphere.


A fresh, unique entertainment experience... contemporary and cool, familiar but new, lively but relaxed, unplugged but funky!​


That's The Kooky Ukes!


(Sounds like a theme tune... TV people, make it so...)

Official Answer:  Aside from the obvious uniqueness and inate sense of individuality, we can entertain all ages with incredible musicianship, whopper style and banging tunes. Drinks reception performances are our forté.
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